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Brundibar, June 2020

A Different Sort of Opera

With the onset of COVID-19 there were many questions as to whether or not the Buchanan Park Opera Club could mount a production in  2020.  The schools were physically closed, the options of seeing any sort of live production were non-existent.

Mrs. Martens is never one to turn down a challenge though, so a virtual opera was produced.  The cast members were provided with tracks to rehearse and sing to, their individual performances were recorded by family and friends, and all of the recordings were then edited together by two talented young gentlemen to produce a video that is available on YouTube, among other places

The resulting video embodies the performance of the opera by Jewish Czech composer Hans Krása with a libretto by Adolf Hoffmeister, made most famous by performances by the children of Theresienstadt concentration camp (Terezín) in occupied Czechoslovakia.  The production also delves into the tragic back story of the children and adults that produced and performed this opera.  The opera itself is light hearted, but the story of its production and aftermath is tragic.

You can watch it here:



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